Sands Anderson Marks & Miller Success Story

EchoMail Personalizes Legal Service for Virginia Law Firm
Sands Anderson Marks & Miller
Client Since: November 2007
Products used:
EchoMail® SBE™
Email volume:
3000 per week.
Service Used: Direct Marketing

Company Overview: Sands Anderson, which began, as a small Richmond office around 1850, is one of Virginia’s largest law firms today with over 75 attorneys and five offices. Headquartered in Richmond, the firm’s regional offices are located in Blacksburg, Fredericksburg and McLean, Virginia, and Research Triangle, North Carolina. Grounded on a philosophy and commitment to excellence, integrity and reliability, it partners with clients to respond to their immediate needs and anticipates future opportunities and obstacles. As part of value-added services, the firm produces a number of newsletters on legal issues and host’s seminars to keep its clients informed of legal developments. In 2007, Sands Anderson ranked 11th among Virginia law firms by attorney census, according to Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

Before EchoMail: Sands Anderson believed that personal level direct contact with its clients was vital to effective customer service. In keeping with this belief its team of lawyers wanted to stay in touch with their client base and keep them updated through topical newsletters. As part of sharing expertise the firm’s lawyer’s often conducted seminars to which clients were invited. List and subscription management were being handled through a manual system, hence invites were processed manually. The firm wanted a cost effective and easy to implement solution, whichs could help in automating these functions. After weighing various options it chose EchoMail as its communication partner

The EchoMail Deployment: EchoMail analyzed the needs of the client and recommended EchoMail® SBE™ its easy to use economy module. Sands Anderson could get on with the implementation quickly and start using the product immediately on account of its simplicity of use and it helped in meeting its communication objectives. EchoMail built a custom communications template as well as a subscription page that delivers data to the central records management function thereby automating the list by adding functionality to the client’s web site. The law firm could also update and manage these records from the backend.

After EchoMail: Regular campaigns enabled by EchoMail® SBE™ helped Sands Anderson reinforce its image as a caring and responsive legal service provider, interested in educating and keeping its clients updated and informed.