Homegrown Naturals Success Story

Case Study
Homegrown Naturals
Client Since: October 2005
Products used:
EchoMail® Direct Marketing™
EchoMail® Data Warehousing™
Average Email Volume:
400,000 Mails/Year
Service Solutions:
Direct Marketing, Data Warehousing.

Company Overview: What happens when three like-minded companies with a strong commitment to nature food, good health and a respect for mother earth synergise their beliefs and efforts; a strong company with conviction to the common cause with a wide array of natural foods reflecting their specific areas of expertise is formed. “Homegrown Naturals” was born when “Annie’s Homegrown”, “Annie’s Naturals”, “Fantastic Foods” and “Consorzio” decided to join hands to leverage the huge demand for natural and organic food with a wider product offering. These companies had created an impact among consumers by breaking the myth that health and taste do not go hand in hand with their wide range of delicious natural offerings of high nutritional value and economy. The coming together helped in increasing the range of natural foods under a single strong brand.

Before EchoMail: “Homegrown Naturals” had ambitious plans of expanding its market size and increase its share in the highly competitive and growing organic foods market. It realized that the only way to achieve its goal was by a multi-pronged approach of educating the consumer on the advantages of natural food for healthy living and conserving nature, establishing the superiority of its products and building a strong brand image. It decided to leverage the power of Email and tie up with an Email management agency with expertise in B to C marketing and a proven tack record in the consumer packaged goods industry. After weighing the options it decided to tie-up with EchoMail.

The EchoMail Deployment: EchoMail analyzed the situation and realized that the challenge was to educate the consumer on the advantages of organic food and bringing them closer to Homegrown Naturals. It recommended the deployment of its well-researched direct marketing software EchoMail® DMTM to maximize reach. EchoMail realized that changing eating habits was a challenge and involved appealing to the consumer’s heart as well as his brain. It set about its task with highly customized and targeted E-mail campaigns. These campaigns were a mixture of product info, educational newsletters highlighting the superiority of organic food and do it yourself natural food recipes. In addition to this customers were mailed regular birthday and anniversary greetings to add a personal touch and reinforce brand association. Web forms were sent out regularly to understand changing customer tastes and preference and increase database.

After EchoMail: EchoMail’s sustained campaigns helped in taking Homegrown Naturals range of products beyond the confines of their current markets, it helped in reinforcing the image of Homegrown Naturals as a caring company with genuine food products, it helped in educating people on the harmful effects of high calorie junk food and convincing them that Homegrown Naturals had the right organic alternative.