Botanical Laboratories Success Story

Case Study
Botanical Laboratories
Client Since: July 2006 
Products used:
EchoMail® Direct Marketing™
EchoMail® Data Warehousing™ 
Number of Emails processed
1,00,000 Emails per year with 3 Users. 
Service Solutions:
Direct Marketing, Data Warehousing. 
Types of Services Provided:
Direct Marketing, Data Mining, Training and Consulting.

Company Background: Botanical Laboratories, Inc. is the country’s premium manufacturer of natural remedies, homeopathic formulations and nutritional supplements. Founded in 1988 in Washington State, the company is driven by a deep philosophical commitment to the science behind homeopathy and natural healing without side effects. It believes in constant research and innovation and combines modern science and manufacturing technology with natural botanical ingredients to deliver the best quality nature remedies. Its products are marketed under popular brands such as Symtec, ZAND, BioAllers, Herbs & Kids and Natrabio. The company’s strict adherence to manufacturing standards and guidelines has earned the following international certifications NNFA cGMP certification, NSF certified GMP facility and QAI organic certification. In addition to manufacturing its own brands the company also acts as a business partner and undertakes bulk third party orders. The ability to formulate and manufacture in a fully registered and certified facility makes Botanical Laboratories one of the country’s leading contract manufacturer.

Before EchoMail: Botanical Laboratories wanted to reach out to its present user base, educate potential users about the safety and efficacy of homeopathy and reach out to business partners in a big way. It wanted an economic and effective communication mechanism that would present its case in a targeted and attractive manner. Given the universal nature of its products it had a massive and challenging communication exercise in hand. The communication had to fulfill three specific needs 1.Stay in touch with its current user base and keep them informed about developments in the company including new product launches. 2. Reach out to potential business partners, offering its services as a reliable and competent contract manufacturer. 3. Educate potential users on the benefits of alternative medicine and nutritional supplements and reinforce the superiority of its brands.

Why EchoMail was chosen: Botanical labs wanted to tie up with a strategic partner to take care of its communication needs; it weighed various options and chose EchoMail for the following reasons:

  • Among the oldest companies in the field of Email management.
  • Advanced technology and efficient service.
  • Rich experience in working for natural based products.